Spy cameras are ideal to catch the people you’re suspecting to be doing something strange. Typically, these cameras are attached to things that are less likely to be seen as spy cameras. Some of the spy camera disguises are pens, sunglasses, goggles, water bottle, alarm clock, picture frame and clothes hook, among others.

Spy cameras are used not just for security purposes (to catch thieves and burglars). Ordinary people purchase spy cams to confirm suspicion on something or someone he knows be it personally or professionally. This is the reason why most of these spy cams are attached to regular things so as not to be obvious.

There are 5 popular uses of spy cameras. These include:

  1. to spy or monitory a person, event or place
  2. to document an important discussion or meeting
  3. to record a special event
  4. to record/document an interview
  5. to document a classroom lecture or discussion